November 2nd, 2007

Nancy Holt

Excerpt from Saginaw Valley Sate U website, about a Summer solstice event:

Nancy Holt (b. 1938) has created more than 30 monumental site-specific public sculptures around the U.S. and beyond since 1970. Most orient the viewer to the sun, moon, and stars, enhancing our perception of nature and ultimately of ourselves. Some are in remote desert locations where the arduous journey to view the sculpture becomes part of the art. She has also made films and videos. In addition, she has published extensively about her art, other contemporary site-specific sculptures, and Earthworks or Land Art (i.e., generally colossal alterations or additions to the environment, some of which reclaim pit mines, landfills, or other areas devastated by industrialization).

Sun Tunnels

Sun Tunnels – more info


Sky Mound, Meadowlands of Hackensack, New Jersey, more info

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