December 18th, 2007

Noon – Silvercup Studios

Posted in eyewitness, Zone06-Noon by Heidi

From mid-December through mid-January, the shadow at noon falls on Silvercup Studios and the parking lot in front of it.

Originally the home of the Gordon Bakery Company, the facility manufactured about 30% of the baked goods consumed in New York City c. 1940-50-60. Facing some major financial issues, the bakery closed in 1975. The building was purchased as an industrial rehab in 1979 and converted to film studios—where the t.v. shows The Sopranos, Sex & the City, 30 Rock have been filmed as well as numerous movies.

Silvercup Studios-gnomon

Image: Queensborough Bridge at left, gnomon to the right, looking South. The sundial shadow indicating noon (when the sun is out—unlike in this snow-day example) falls on the far side of the building.

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