July 23rd, 2007

mottos vol. 2

Posted in digressions, mottos by Heidi

(rainy day post)

As these hors doth pass away so doth the life of men decay
Memento Mori

Disponit tempus dies
Days Make Years

A day may ruin thee improve this hour

Disce tuos numerare dies
Learn to number thy days

Ecce Horn
Behold, the hour of Destiny!

Thus eternity approacheth

Trifle not your time’s short

Festina Lente
Hasten Slowly

Fugit Dies
The day flies on

Hora Fugit Rapide Lethumq Invadit Inermes
The hours guide swiftly, and the unguarded are easily surprised

Fumus et umbra sumus
Smoke and shadows are we

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